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Receiving the Federal TEACH Grant: Step-By-Step

Receiving the Federal TEACH Grant is a multi-step process that must be completed by each TEACH Grant eligible student every academic year before any funds can be disbursed. Throughout the process all eligible students will be contacted via email by the Office of Student Financial Aid prompting them to complete the various stages of the process. For this reason it is very important that all TEACH Grant eligible students monitor their Bearmail accounts regularly to receive additional instructions in a timely manner.

  • Step 1 – Initial Contact

o   All students enrolled in TEACH Grant eligible programs will be determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid and will be contacted via email.

o   This email will contain general information about the TEACH Grant as well as an application for the grant.

o   Review for student eligibility will not begin until after the Change of Schedule Period (COSP).

  • Step 2 – Application Process

o   Any student contacted regarding the TEACH Grant who is interested in receiving the grant must complete the student portion of the application form and have their academic advisor complete the advising portion of the application.

o   Applications should be submitted in person to Carrington 101 or by fax to 417-836-8392 by the deadline listed on the application form.

o   Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  • Step 3 – Accepting the Award and Counseling

o   If a student is eligible to receive the Grant an award will be placed on their Award Letter for that academic year and they will be contacted again via email to accept the award online.

o   Students will also be required to complete initial/subsequent grant counseling every eligible year they wish to receive the TEACH Grant.

o   The award letter is online at  and the initial/subsequent grant counseling is available online at

o   Students should contact the TEACH Grant administrator via email to confirm when they have both accepted the award and completed the counseling.

  • Step 4 – Agreement to Serve (ATS)

o   Students will not be able to sign their Agreement to Serve (ATS) right away. It usually takes 2-3 business days for the ATS to be originated online and made available for the student to sign.

o   The ATS form is located online at the same website students utilize to complete their initial/subsequent counseling.

o   If, after waiting 3 business days from completing Step 3, a student is not able to complete their ATS they should contact the TEACH Grant administrator via email.

  • Step 5 – Disbursement of Funds

o   After the Office of Student Financial Aid has confirmed a student has completed all requirements and accepted his/her ATS the TEACH Grant funds will be disbursed.

o   The TEACH Grant is subject to the same Federal and University policies and procedures  as other financial aid and will be treated as such.