Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have 40 hours completed each year in order to keep my scholarship?

You need to have your 120 hours completed before the start of your senior year.  When renewing your scholarship for the 4th year, Financial Aid will verify that you have completed the 120 hours of service and that your hours are verified.


If I volunteer at a place once a week, when do I have to turn in my hours?

You submit the information within one month of the COMPLETION of that service, so if you were to volunteer every week for the whole semester, you should turn it in at the end of the semester.

All hours should be turned in no later than the end of each semester.  You are more than welcome to submit your hours as you go if that is more convenient. 


How do I know how many service hours I have completed?

At the end of each semester, you will receive a report of your scholarship service hours. If you need to get the information sooner  you can e-mail – typical turnaround to get your hours to you is around 1-2 weeks.


If I have 100 hours tracked does that mean they are all counting towards my scholarship?

No, we only approve hours at first based on if it is actual service or not.  We try to catch errors in tracking when you track your hours, but we will not know of all errors until you have finished.  We also do not calculate your 50% on/off campus service until you have completed your hours.


If I go home and volunteer at my local high school does that count as service?

Service at your local high school can be counted towards service.  However your specific service activity may or may not count.  That would be something to verify before you start your service.


If I donate blood, how many hours does that provide me in service?

You will receive one hour of off campus service for giving blood, regardless of the time you actually spend giving blood.