Log Your GEP Service

Key Questions

  1. Am I addressing a humanitarian issue through a not-for-profit?
  2. Am I either directly or indirectly serving others?
  3. Have I taken time to reflect on the experience?

Needed Information in your Submission

Organization = GEP Service
GEP Service Description = 3 parts below
  • What - What happened? What did you observe? What issue is being addressed or population is being served?
  • So What - What did you learn? What difference did the event make? Did you learn any new skills? Why was your service significant?
  • Now What - How will this service activity shape the way you act or see things in the future? What seem to be the root causes of the issue/problem addressed?
Date, Hours, Minutes = What date did you serve and for how long? (Please submit your service within 30 days of serving)
Verification Contact = Representative from not-for-profit agency overseeing your service. (This cannot be a student)

Guide to Tracking GEP Hours

Training Video

Submission Checklist:

  • Join the GEP Service group
  • Complete a service project
  1. Go to CampusLink and to your Involvement
  2. Click Service Hours and Add Service Hours
  3. Include Needed Information and Click Create

*Note: GEP Service Hours do not adhere to Scholarship Service or FSL Service Requirements. If a student wishes to submit their hours for other requirements, they must adhere to those specified guidelines in a separate submission.