Missouri State University

Bear Service Days

May 3rd: Spring Into Service

Join for the 2nd large service day hosted by the Bear Service Team this spring! This year we are bringing back our annual Spring Into Service event and have the opportunity to host around 100 students to engage in various activities in the community.  Our issue is “How do communities promote wellbeing?”

Registration is first come first serve, so register quick! Students will be randomly placed at sites based on their interest and any student organization they may be registering with.  While we cannot guarantee groups to stay together, we will keep some members of each group together for service.

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Promoting Wellbeing

There are many aspects of wellbeing that we will be talking about during this service day.  These include both the emotional/spiritual aspects of wellbeing and the healthy environments for wellbeing. They are not exclusive, but instead both something we need in order to live a healthy life!


Service will include working with agencies for things like gardens and outdoor areas that promote the emotional release that all people need.  From spiritual/religious spaces to simple freeing of the mind from the daily stressors, these spaces are important for healthy communities

Healthy Environments

A clean place to live and work is something we often take for granted.  Service will include working with populations that may not be able to maintain their healthy environment and providing assistance in keeping a clean home area. 

Summer Service Opportunities

 We will be offering limited summer opportunities that you should check back to find out more information about.

Information coming soon