Students for Community Change Retreat

The Students for Community Change retreat is an awesome way for students to become social change agents in their community and make communities better places to live and thrive. This retreat will feature community partners, motivational speakers, and allow you to apply what you learn.

Who should sign up? Any student, regardless of leadership positions or organizational memberships are eligible to sign up. This retreat is for motivated students who are either engaged in the community or want to be more engaged.

What will be discussed? We will start off in the morning with some basic activities to get conversations flowing. Throughout the middle of the day we will meet with local community partners who will discuss how students can be effective in their relationships with the community. Topics such as social change, community voice, and root causes of social issues will be discussed. The end of the day will focus on action and applying what you learn to the involvement you currently have or will have in the future.

Where is this retreat? TBA

Why should I sign up? You should sign up because it is free, a great opportunity to meet other students, develop leadership skills, and make a difference in your community

Fall 2015 Retreat Date TBA