About Community Involvement & Service


We promote positive social change through experiential learning opportunities and fostering understanding of Missouri State University’s public affairs mission.  


Community Involvement & Service offers a series of opportunities for students, including:

  • One-time service events in the Springfield community
  • Immersion trips
  • Ongoing service experiences
  • Connections to local community agencies

We also serve the Springfield community by offering community agencies the ability to reach out to students and bridge the connection between students and community. We are committed to the ongoing support and development of the non-profit community in Springfield. Through these agencies, we are able to help address the social issues that affect our community.


We develop students who are active citizens of enhanced character, sensitive to the needs of community, competent and committed in their ability to contribute to a global society, and civil in their habits of thought speech, and action.

Missouri State Students that work with us will be active citizens, engaged in positive social change for the local, national, and global communities.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering is just one way you can get involved in the greater community and help contribute to social change. Through volunteer, you are making a larger impact in the community than you can ever imagine.

  • Students getting involved with service are helping agencies accomplish their goals.
  • Volunteers helps others in times of difficulty, when things just don’t go right.
  • Service promotes understanding of diversity including issues of ableism, racism, sexism, and many others.
  • Students also gain crucial leadership skills including self-confidence, critical thinking skills, conflict resolution, and desires towards social change.